2016 Takeaways

The last days of 2016 are finally here and can I just say, wow!! Did the year move too fast for you too or was that just me? There was a point around May / June I thought, “Wow, we have so much time” and then I’m pretty sure the next day I woke up and it was November 1st hahah. 

This year was such a compilation of growth, favor, mishaps, trials, pain, brokenness, surrender, trust, perseverance, belief, confidence, comfort, and GRACEEEE. For me when I get to the end of the year over-evaluate my life and my moves during the year but I think my current sentiments are pure gratefulness! WE MADE IT. Even if you had to fight to get there, even if you had to claw your way through…you made it! 

So when powering up for the New Year I would say…how’s your heart? How’s your mind, soul, spirit? Do you feel ready? Do you feel excited? If you’re anything like me…you’re also a bit nervous which is perfectly normal in my opinion! During these last few moments of 2016…spend time with yourself. Don’t put pressure on yourself, don’t think of all the things you could have done…just be in the moment of “wow….I made it.” 

One thing I have been asking myself is “What story do I deserve?” And the answer is, not only for me but for you as well, “You deserve greatness!” Don't ever forget that.

With that said, I’m praying that you have an incredible New Year, one filled with love, joy and peace. Below are a few nuggets I thought might help boldly take you into 2017!





-Stace xo 

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Stacy Ike