JORD X Adulting : "What Time is It?"

Hi Lovelies!

I have been looking to find the perfect watch for about 5 years now lol. There is something about it that is so adult, you know? When someone asks "what time is it?" You don't have to pull out your cellphone just to answer them lol. Thankfully, I just added the Zebrawood & Champagne JORD watch to my accessories collection and I absolutely love it! Now if you're anything like me you're thinking, "sometimes statement watches don't go with multiple outfits," but my JORD watch definitely proved me wrong! 

If you're looking to add some new arm candy to your wardrobe,  I have some good news! I wanted you guys to be able to shop as well so I worked out a fun deal. If you enter the JORD CONTEST,  you will receive an e-gift code for $25 off a watch of your choice when the contest concludes and ONE lucky winner will receive a code for $100 off! The contest goes until February 17th, which gives you enough time to grab the watch for a birthday gift, Valentines Day gift or it's just Tuesday gift! 

Check out the links below for a peek into the men's collection, women's collection, and my specific watch! and let me know which watch you choose! 

Happy Shopping or in this case Happy "finally getting a watch and leaving your cellphone in your pocket" (maybe that's just me hahah).