Quotes That Save The Day!

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If you know anything about me, you know I am big on inspiration. Talking to God, hanging with family and friends, that all contributes to me having a good day, or good week. But something else that adds to my day is a great quote. When I find one I relate to, it’s always because there is an impactful meaning behind the words. I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you and I hope these also begin to contribute to your well-deserved great days.

“Everything has changed and yet I am more me than I’ve ever been.” -Iain Thomas

This quote to me is about purpose. When you are EXACTLY where God wants you to be even if you are not exactly where you want to be there is something pretty divine about that. Things around you are changing, moving fast and yet, you are even more in your moment than ever before. That is when you KNOW your actions are yielding impact and your sacrifices and commitments will never be in vain. 

“I’ve tasted weakness and doubt, I even sipped on some insecurities. I’d much rather bite into the meat of my fears and chew on who I really am.” -Unknown

Now this one here…wow! I’ve already seen my insecurities, I deal with my doubt, but I rather remember how amazing I was created to be and live in that truth…..that’s basically what this quote is saying and I love every second of it. It is so hard to bypass our insecurities sometimes and it is much easier to live in a comfort zone than to push ourselves, BUT which one is worth it? Which one have we already been promised? Which one do you deserve?

There is no one in this world who isn’t meant for greatness. Fight for your fairytale, it does exists. -MEEEE

This is a quote I live by. Fight for your fairytale aka PUSH THOUGH aka YOU GOT THIS aka YOU DESERVE GREATNESS. Your fairytale DOES exist. Yes, it will take work, faith, determination all that…but so what?! You can do it, you can, you can, you can, you can. Oh also, You can do it. 

Don’t ever feel afraid of “doing too much or “being too much.” When you suppress your authentity, you ruin the rhythm of your divine light”  -Unknown

And last but not least, one of my favorite, “be yourself” quotes. I'll just say this, don’t you dare dim your light to please others. It’s your light, no one else. OWN IT, SHARE IT, BE PROUD OF IT. I remember all the times I felt like the loudest person in the room or the most talkative, or the most annoying. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t but I am so grateful there were a few people in my life that told me it was okay because now…I pay my bills with that same talking soooo yeah lol. All I’m saying is shine, you deserve to shine.


Stacy Ike