Hey Hey Everyone!

First off, thanks for coming to hang out with me on StacyIke.com. As the first quarter of 2019 is coming to an end, I have decided to define this past three months as a turning season. Instead of planning and thinking about all of the things I wanted to do, I was challenged and re-directed to focus on who I want to be. I believe, we spend a lot of time thinking those two things are the same, and WHOA…they are not.

Who you are is NOT what you do and what you do is NOT who you are. So in the process of understanding that I firstly know I want to be the kind of person that starts EVERY SINGLE DAY with gratitude, hence why the First30 challenge has resurfaced.

What is the First30 Challenge you ask? Do me a favor and check out the video below for the mission and goal of the challenge and when you are done, GET EXCITED because I want to invite you to come on this journey with me. This is definitely one of those moments to have an accountability partner so tell a friend, to tell another friend to join us as well. Use the hashtag #First30Challenge on social to spread the word and to follow my experience with the challenge. HERE….WE….GO!

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