NBC's Retta Dishes On New Hit Series Good Girl


Last Wednesday At Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, Retta gathered with a group of journalist and influencers to dish about the show.

“I think Ruby is fun,” says Retta, she is a whole person.”

Retta also talked about her developing and getting aquatinted with her character

“I read lines and create the character immediately in my head. Developing the relationship with my husband on the show (played by Reno Wilson) was a bit of a challenge because usually, you are meeting someone on the show but in this case, we started out and were supposed to be in love. He and I really figured it out and I’m excited to share what black love looks like.”

Some are calling the show Breaking Bad with a hint of Thelma and Louise but for me, it's just a good, entertaining Monday night. While it may be too early to compare the show or give it a nickname, so far my favorite part is the humility embedded in the humor within every storyline.

When asked about her life before the show, Retta discussed her way of staying positive in the entertainment industry and gives advice to those looking for hope and direction. 

“Do one thing each day towards your career,” says Retta.

"But don’t let it (career) be your everything. Go outside and get ideas about how to be a person. You have to believe in your dreams, it takes some of the stress off. Surround yourself with friends so that you are still living a life, don't stay isolated and always working towards a goal.”

Hearing Retta speak about topics relating to her own personal experiences was truly a breath of fresh air. I am so happy to have been apart of the Good Girls luncheon and I wish nothing but the best for both Retta and the entire Good Girls cast. 

The series premieres February 26th on NBC at 10/9c, tune in and let me know what you think!


“I’m so in it and I’m trying to make her believable in every circumstance. My goal is to make her as real as possible,”

says Retta about her character on your new favorite show, NBC’s Good Girls.

“What's so exciting about the show is I get to be normal. It’s extraordinary that I get to play an unextraordinary person,” says Retta. Retta’s character Ruby is one that will steal your heart within seconds of hello. 

The show is centered around three working-class mothers desperate to give their children the world. Each mother of the trio, Beth played by Christina Hendricks, Annie played by Mae Whitman and Ruby played by Retta are struggling to keep their family together and decide to go against the rules to get the job done. 

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