Good Morning Sunshine

Happy Monday Folks!

Hope you had an incredible weekend!! Me, I spent time shooting my first Fight For Your Fairytale commercial, catching up on my favorite shows (you should definitely check out Ozark on Netflix), and jotting down goals for the week. In my doodling and jotting I realized some of my goals were more like five year goals rather than one week goals lol. I was writing things down that frankly were unrealistic for the week and ultimately setting me up for that "whoa is me." moment. We all do it. We're human.  

So, I reeled it back a bit. Not to say that I disregarded the goals, but I prioritized. Thats something I feel like we forget to do at times. Of course we want to get it all done, of course it is all important...or is it? The real question should be, what can I do this month, this week or even today? With that said, I'm challenging myself to a three- point weekly to-do-list and wanted to invite you to join me!

If I'm being honest, I will still have 15 things scribbled on a colorful post-it note which would then be transferred to my journal and cell-phone to torment me, but I am going to STICK to three priorities a week to create a sense of balance and efficiency. What do you think? Wanna join me? Come know you want to :)

Let's give it a try...together and see what happens after 30 days. Let's see how much we can we really get done. I want to hear your progress so make sure to leave a comment below or come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter @onetakestace :))

You're the bomb, Happy Slaying xoxo


Photo by @adrianjphoto

Jacket: Forever 21

Shirt: Macys - Sub Urban Riot

Pants: Rich & Skinny