Great Day Houston

Written By: Kimberly Crooks

Hello & Happy New Year Beautiful People!

Hope you all had an amazing holiday season with your friends, family or framily! Over the holidays Stacy had the incredible opportunity of being interviewed by a fellow Houstonian, the one and only Deborah Duncan for the TV program Great Day Houston.

Stacy and Deborah Duncan’s conversation covered working with Oprah, working retail and realizing that “the fairytale goes beyond one moment” because “the fairytale is in one’s fight for the greatness they were made for.”

Stacy was able to share her stories from Australia, Los Angeles, and the struggles she has faced. Stacy emphasizes that,“the struggle is not the bad part. It [leads] to growth.”

Stacy hopes you enjoy this interview; hoping her continuous journey will inspire you to fight for your fairytale!

Stacy’s Great Day Houston interview by Deborah Duncan here at KHOU-11.