More Life. More Love. More Everything.

Walking out of Summer and into the Fall means that it is time for the next level. As we are entering Chapter 9, commit to three more months of goal setting, elevation, and fueling your fairytale. This does not mean that the next year won't bring more miracles but in the moment we have now, the fight must go on. I wanted to encourage, motivate, and most of all remind you that your journey is far from over. If you feel that you must go back to the basics, don't hesitate to press the reset button. In the next three months set your standards high and challenge yourself in ways that you least expected. I know that it is easier said than done, but the best way to do so is being intentional about your space, time, and gift. Choose joy. Choose passion. Choose more life. 

Look Details

Photography: @cyndiibee_ 

MUA: @odfashionista

Jersey: @shopsonyabees 

Sunglasses: @eyelusteyewear 

Hair: @kellywxxd

Stacy Ike