+ 1 Women's Appreciation Mixer

On March 18, 2018, more than one hundred women gathered to celebrate Women’s History Month. Between food, drinks, music, and networking there was plenty of girl power and magic in the room. This incredible event put on by Stacy Ike and Bumble was entitled

Plus 1.


The Plus 1 concept required every person who registered to bring a friend. This was an excellent idea! We all know networking can be a little nerve-wracking; having a wing woman can’t hurt. Once people got comfortable in the space, they expanded past their plus ones and could come back and share connections.

Mir Harris ( @meremir ) speaking about the #TIMESUP movement and female empowerment.

Mir Harris (@meremir) speaking about the #TIMESUP movement and female empowerment.

While explaining the vision for Plus 1 Stacy shared with attendees, “We’re all here to be a vessel and a light for each other.” As the event continued, it was clear that it wasn’t just about networking. It was about uplifting and empowering women. Conversations about the importance of movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp came to the surface. Attendees were reminded of the importance of checking in and being vulnerable with their friends. Female empowerment and support are sometimes more valuable than we realize.

One of the highlights of the event was Stacy’s discussion with Bumble’s Editorial Director, Clare O’Connor. Clare talked about the impressive waves Bumble has made in just three years. Women can meet new friends, find a business partner, and get a date all on one app! The company is truly centered around women controlling their situations and making the first move towards their goals. As Clare spoke about the app, she also gave insight into some of the women she’s gotten to interview. She went on to stress the importance of women owning their achievements and power. Her final point was that women are needed and have the capacity to succeed in every space - tech, beauty, content creating, and more.

Bumble's Editorial Director Clare O'Connor ( @clare_oc )

Bumble's Editorial Director Clare O'Connor (@clare_oc)

The event concluded with a heartfelt thank you from Stacy and the One Take Stace team. Attendees walked away with gift bags, fun pictures, and most importantly new connections. This was the perfect way to celebrate Women’s History Month.

Written By: Lisa K. Satchell

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Photos By: Taylor M. Hayden

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