Women of Influence

This is the version of womanhood I’m fighting for. The one where women of all backgrounds come together and celebrate one another. In our human nature, sometimes we fall short but it doesn’t take away from the narrative that women can and do support women. 

To every gal on who reads this, I want you to hear me. Your victory is set before you on a path that only you can grace. Your crown is fit for only your journey & God doesn’t lift you up by tearing anyone else down. 

Confidence has no competition. The world lied and said there could only be one but forget that the truth is in our hands. It’s in the example we set for the young women coming behind us and it’s in the way we adjust each other’s crowns. 

When you see a fellow queen today — compliment her, show her some love, encourage her and pray for her. This is the narrative that I’m fighting for and by the grace of God working on it every day.

Thank you to each #WomenOfInfluence honoree & Bumble Bizz for the chance to remind us all of the reality we deserve. 

Video by Ken Franklin: @kenftw