Amplify Africa - The Magic Of US

Incredible food, incredible people and the ultimate celebration — Afroball was a night for the books. I covered the red carpet at the event chatting with our favorites like Beauty Guru Jackie Aina, Actor Sam Adegoke, Tech Innovator Iddris Sandu and many more!

Being in a room like this full of African excellence usually sparks a few things in me. One is pride in my culture and heritage. Seeing so many people, young, old, male, female all working in different ways to elevate Africa through service, health care, entertainment, tech, etc is incredible inspining! The other thing is a sense of yearning. I yearn for a new level of connection and understanding surrounding my roots but the only way to connect the dots is to CONNECT THE DOTS. I pray that through these new and improved awesome connections, i can keep adding to my knowledge and curiosity, joy regarding all things AFRICA! Check out the videos below with some Check out the videos below of these awesome interviews & awesome gems!

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