#First30Challenge - Enemy of Growth

It feels good to be an expert.

It feels good to win an argument.

It feels good to raise your hand first and most times it feels good to just know something that someone else doesn’t know. Not to be “showy” but most times it will still come off that way.

What I absolutely love about these pages is the author pokes holes in ones theory of…well, EVERYTHING. The big question is “Am I wrong about everything?”

“Being wrong opens us up to the possibility of change. Being wrong brings the opportunity for growth.” - Mark Manson.

Being wrong isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t make you stupid and less than — it makes you free. Free to learn, free to fail, free to succeed and free to grow. In my own life, I have messed this up before. Trying to battle my own insecurities of not being shut down or having an invalid opinion so instead I push my point forward sometimes neglecting the possibility that, I could be wrong.

Specifically in relationships with people we really care about, there is a level of not knowing or not being completely right one must have in order to be open to learning something new.

As of now, the only thing I’m certain about is Jesus. Other than that, everything else is based on my experiences.


I thought being “cool” had to be practiced.


We are always in the process of approaching the truth.


Sure, rejection hurts.