#First30 Challenge - Stop Playing Yourself

Let’s start off with a bit of Q&A

Is change hard? Yes

Is this the best version of you? No

So what is stopping you….?

Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of change? Fear of growth?

Okay, that was a lot more of the Q than the A but in order for the next level of elevation, we have to confront these very real questions. I’ve been asking myself the same things. If you’re like me, you JUST changed, you just elevated, and you just got over a hurdle. You thought it was time for a break, and I otally get it. But I was watching a message from T.D Jakes this week and it resonated to my core.

“The reward you get for overcoming your last challenge, is your next challenge,” - T.D. Jakes.

WOW. I screamed at the TV when I heard that. It was the most beautifully frustrating thing I had ever heard. We never stop growing, we never stop evolving, and honestly constantly being met with new challenges is a blessing — it means you are doing LIFE!

My quick takeaway: Although it is easier said than down, it’s worth it to be aware, present and adaptable during this journey we call life. Don’t ignore the process it takes to get to your best self because you deserve it. Keep scrolling and check out my highlighted notes below.

Remember, ALWAYS remember, #FightForYourFairytale, because it exists.


The more we admit we don’t know . . .


There is a certain comfort that comes with knowing . . .


Until we change

how we view o

urselves . . .